Tuesday, July 08, 2003

The Poor Man on Hitch

He argues that the WMD finds in Iraq are a vindication, that it is a minor miracle we found them so quickly, and that there's more where that came from. And he reminds us of the mass graves which have been found around the country, which is something well worth remembering. But mainly he natters on about how Saddam Hussein was and probably still is a very bad guy. As bad as Hilter, or maybe Stalin, or maybe Jeffery Dahmer. As bad as Hilter plus Stalin times Satan squared. At this point in time, after hearing about Saddam Hussein with some regularity for more than a decade, I am prepared, nay, pleased, to conceed that Saddam Hussein is without a doubt a terrible person, as terrible and nasty and evil as you can imagine. And I'd like to request that there be, from this moment forward, a sharp decrease in the number of editorials making no point besides that Saddam is very bad, perhaps with a hard limit of one per month per paper, and complete end to the appearance of new and enlightening historical antecedents to his evil. I'm not saying this to silence anyone's opinion or anything, but I don't go around telling everyone every time the Sun rises in the east or gravity pulls something down. It's all true, but I think we can maybe start the process of moving on now, because life, unlike TV, can't survive as a rerun.


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