Thursday, June 26, 2003

Whoa...New Blogger

I was going somewhere with the previous post before blogger decided to vamp it up, and now the thought is gone. I think the general gist of it is that the stalemate over the DuSable statue is a good example of how very complex the issue of race is. What's the real travesty here? Is it the fact that it took so long to acknowledge DuSable? The fact that because he was African-American there is so little documented history? Or the fact that his monument is held up due to a question of accurate representation? All of these matter.

P.S. I had hoped to tie in some of these ideas with some more thoughts on the Affirmative Action ruling but I don't have time to be thorough. I will leave you with this rather gratuitous and unrelated thought: Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, even White Conservative pundits; but do not take it upon yourselves to explain to all us minorities how Affirmaive Action is racist against us. You only reveal your own ignorance.

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