Thursday, May 15, 2003

So this has been something of a teeth-grinding week news-wise--with the lusciously funny exception of the Texas Killer Ds. Still, the details of how the Republican Storm Troopers are behaving are enough to make you wish the state would just up and secede. Josh has a good round-up of the details.

Note to Democrats:When the wife-bashing starts you know you have a winner. Regarding the Kerry campaign, I'm pretty well on my way to concluding that my own muddled opinion of him really doesn't matter. What matters right now is getting someone who can drive home to the voters that the current White House occupant is an empty suit. Not hard really if we can get our collective asses in gear.

It's official. Because of Jayson Blair I am forced to cross JOURNALIST off my list of prospective alternative careers. Come on, people. Whenever the debate heats up around reparations or affirmative action, I always hear some cranky white person saying something along the lines of, "Hey don't blame all white people for racism." Fine. So one incompetent and deceptive black journalist shouldn't ruin it for the rest of us.

Anyway, Herbert still rules.

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