Thursday, May 29, 2003

If you're part of the Gen. Wesley Clark for President club, or if you want to know more about him Oxford American Magazine has an interesting piece about him. Unfortunately, it's not available online, but it's worth reading if you don't know much about Clark.

Still, after reading it I can't quite come to a conclusion about Clark. Initially, I was very impressed with his intelligence and experience. He has something that seems rare in leadership these days, a gift for abstract debate and a rigorous intellect tempered by common sense. It's hard to gauge how accomplished or talented a person is in the face of an administration with a total dearth of both accomplishment and talent, but Clark would probably stand out anywhere. However, I'm not sure how presidential he is. He's a possible running mate, a possible Secretary of Defense, a possible Secretary of State.

Go get the magazine and decide for yourself.

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