Friday, April 11, 2003

Real War-time Sacrifices We Should Consider Making

It's no mystery why the administration has yet to ask the American people to make any kind of significant sacrifice during this time of war and recession. How do you reward your friends while asking the people to give up creature comforts? So I'm thinking of sending a list of suggestions around to various media and public figures to see how these jive with people.

Gas Conservation
Whether you buy the"Oil War" rhetoric or not, there is no more powerful symbol for this war than the Iraqi oil fields. Instead of just saying "We are not after your oil," why not send a stronger message by making public service announcements urging Americans to conserve and sponsor local carpools?

Republican Party Purge
Clean out some of that racist rhetoric that's lying around the GOP by asking key members of Congress to resign. Considering that minorities are a large part of the military and at the same time the most anti-war demographic, it would do wonders in unifying the country if you finally let go of the Trent Lotts of the party.

Promote raising taxes as an act of patriotism
In a capitalist society there is no greater sacrifice then money. Why not ask your richest ten percent--incidentally the population least likely to see military action--to literally put their money where there mouths are?

Sacifice Valuable Beauty Sleep
Since Bush's 10 p.m. bedtime is so important to him, it would show a great deal of personal sacrifice if he were to push it back an hour or so. There is nothing like a few shots of our commander in chief hard at work at his desk, all alone, one single desklamp lighting his way through the long dark of governance. One can almost hear the Aaron Brown commentary the following morning. "Clearly, this is a man for whom bringing democracy to Iraq is well worth the dark circles under his eyes the following morning. If he's a bit snappish during his press conferences, it is for the security of the nation."

SUV Drivers Get a tax Break when they Convert to Hybrids
Okay this may not be a fair one to those of us are already drive eco-friendly vehicles but we need to do something. Think about SUV drivers; they're not going to convert without persuasion.

Declare A Moratorium on Reality TV Shows
Because watching the war on the news is REAL TV as opposed to REALITY TV, in the interest of maintaining perspective the reality tv shows should go on hiatus indefinitely. Come on, folks. War is scary. Who needs Fear Factor?

and finally...

Each Major Pundit And Anchor on Cable News Should Sacrifice Some Air Time in the Interest of just giving us the news
Because there is no greater sacrifice in the media than that of air time.

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