Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Oh it's on now.

It's time for Bernard Goldberg and Ann Coulter to defend their books, Bias and Slander, which supposedly prove an old saw-- that liberals dominate the news media...Alterman says the charges leveled by Goldberg and Coulter are "so extreme that, well, it's amazing neither one thought to accuse 'liberals' of using the blood of conservatives' children for extra flavor in their soy-milk decaf lattes."
    Even the conservative Boston Herald admits Alterman's "extensive documentation and persuasive logic" demonstrate that "unabashed conservatives dominate the media."
    So has a challenge: We're inviting the three authors to debate at the National Press Club, with a neutral moderator and a live audience. We’ll invite C-SPAN.
    Alterman has accepted. Will Coulter and Goldberg? Or will they hide behind their publicists and speaking fees?

Hee hee hee. Excellent.

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