Friday, January 24, 2003

The next time some Green nut insists on the general sameness of Democrats and Republicans, point out this rather significant difference. Yes, both sides tend to come from affluence, or come into it once their careers take off. The difference is that there is genuine dedication to social responsibility on the part of the Democratic rich which isn't nearly as obsessed with amassing more and more wealth. Can you picture Cheney saying this?

...he outlined steps to try to halt the growth of the uninsured, such as pruning Bush's proposed $674 billion tax cut and sending money instead to help states shore up health programs for poor people and uninsured children, programs that are being pared by the states' worsening budget crises.

Clinton noted his own post-presidential affluence as he echoed the Democratic attack on Bush's tax cuts as a boon for millionaires. Instead of spending the money on Medicare and Social Security (news - web sites), Clinton said, Bush wants "to give it to me!"


"It's bad ethics and terrible economics," he told an enthusiastic audience at the Families USA health advocacy conference. "Take my money and make America well."

He also said he couldn't figure out why the Republicans wanted tax cuts that would deepen the deficit.

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