Saturday, October 06, 2007

Get Me Rewrite!

I've often thought the last 6 1/2 years under BushCo have been right out of a badly written B-movie. And the writing gets worse every year.

Cut to Scene 3814 where we find a familiar figure shuffling papers in the heavily guarded halls of Blackwater USA. Yes, friends, I'm talking about Ken Starr, last seen in Whitewater: Bill and Hill's Excellent Adventure, where he jumped from investigating a failed Arkansas real estate deal to prosecuting the impeachment of Bill Clinton over lying about a blowjob. Starr is now the new "counsel of record" for Blackwater USA. According to the Nation:
There are undeniable benefits to having Starr, the US Solicitor General under President George H.W. Bush, represent Blackwater--a highly partisan GOP company--in front of a Supreme Court stacked with Bush appointees. Starr also has a personal connection to Blackwater. Starr and Joseph Schmitz, the general counsel and chief operating officer of Blackwater's parent company, the Prince Group, have both worked closely with the arch-conservative Washington Legal Foundation. Since 1993 Starr has served on the legal policy advisory board of the organization for which Schmitz has frequently acted as a spokesperson and attorney.
Still, I think it shows a definite lack of imagination.

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Ken said...

It's all about contempt for a public that now seems paralyzed in its outrage.